Distract, Relax and Cope

When emotions become overwhelming and life feels like a rollercoaster, it can be helpful to Distract, Relax, and Cope to control our emotional urges. A distraction might include engaging in a pleasurable activity (https://cornercanyoncounseling.com/…/Pleasurable-Activities…), doing something for someone you love, tidying up the house, or people watching at the mall. Distractions aren’t meant to serve as avoidance behaviors. Instead, they give us time to take a step back without acting on an impulse in order to choose the appropriate future action. Stay tuned for ways to Relax and Cope in our next posts! #DBT #distresstolerance

Avoid Holiday Anxiety & Stress!

    Do the holidays make you feel stressed and filled with anxiety? New month, new season, new intentions. For many, the holidays are filled with excitement, energy & happiness but also stress, anxiety and being over scheduled. To avoid feeling rundown and “”bah humbug” consider the following process: 1.Decide what is most important to you this season. Is it quality time with family, getting the perfect gift for someone very special, rest and relaxation? Narrow down that list. 2. Let your friends and family know your intentions and be specific about how you will stay in line with what… Continue Reading This Article

3 Great Phone Apps to Help Improve Self Esteem

People who struggle with low self-esteem often hold themselves back from making intimate connections with others and reaching their most desired goals. Luckily, technology is making it easier for these people to give their self-esteem a boost. Here are 3 great phone apps that can help you improve your self-esteem: Simply Being A positive self-image is the result of a positive mindset – and that can be the result of daily meditation. Simply Being is a guided meditation app. Users can intensify the experience by adding their own choice of music or selecting from a list of soothing nature sounds. The app… Continue Reading This Article

Afraid of Failure? Here’s Advice on Coping with Failure

Fear of failure causes us to put the brakes on our life. When we’re so afraid of failing at something, we either don’t try at all, or we subconsciously undermine or own efforts to avoid an even bigger failure. Without question, fear of failure is immobilizing and, when we allow it to dictate our choices and sit on the sidelines, we miss great opportunities and potential for success. Signs of Fear of Failure While none of us like to fail at anything, how do you know if your fear is an actual phobia (called “atychiphobia”) and one that is likely limiting your… Continue Reading This Article

Feeling Bad About Your Unexpected C-Section? You’re Not Alone

Bringing a baby into the world is supposed to be one of the happiest events in a woman’s life, but often there are things that can make a new mother feel sad, exhausted, and overwhelmed. One of those things is having an unexpected C-section. If you’ve recently had an unexpected C-section and are experiencing mixed emotions about it, you’re not alone. The following feelings are common after having a C-section that you were not planning: Shock Many women, especially young women, assume they will have a natural birth. But sometimes, life throws us a curveball in the form of unforeseen… Continue Reading This Article

Do You Suffer from Anxiety? Yoga Can Help!

Life is full of moments that cause us to feel stressed or nervous. Getting up and speaking in front of a large group of people, starting a new school, and trying to ace that important job interview – all of these scenarios can make us fearful, resulting in sleepless nights and performance jitters. The problem starts when this fear becomes persistent and overwhelming and interferes with everyday life. At this point “normal fear” becomes a full-blown anxiety disorder. While a certified therapist should be consulted to develop a plan for treating your anxiety disorder, yoga is an effective and natural… Continue Reading This Article

Low Self-Esteem: What is it? What to Do About it

Self-esteem is an opinion we have of ourselves; a way of placing value on ourselves as people. While we may voice characteristics such as “I’m American” or “I have brown eyes,” these are facts that don’t carry a negative or positive connotation. A low self-esteem suggests we carry a negative opinion of ourselves. For example, “I’m unattractive” or “I’m not good enough.” Most of us have mixed opinions of ourselves, but if your overall opinion is that you are an inferior or inadequate in some way, if you feel you have little worth and are not entitled to experiencing good… Continue Reading This Article

What No One Tells You About Therapy (But Should!)

It is said we fear the unknown, which is why many people shy away from receiving therapy. It can be intimidating walking into your therapist’s office for the very first time, not knowing what to expect. On the flip side, some people assume they know everything about therapy and are then quite surprised when receiving treatment. The thing is, though therapy is not as stigmatized as it once was, it is still not talked about in most social circles. And so many people have the wrong ideas about it. If you’ve been considering seeking help from a mental health professional, you most… Continue Reading This Article

5 Foods & Beverages That Can Cause More Anxiety

Most people know that a healthy diet is important in managing weight and aging well. But what many people don’t realize is that the foods we eat can significantly alter our mood. While eating foods rich in protein, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids can help fight depression and other mood disorders, eating the wrong kinds of food can cause depression and anxiety and even worsen symptoms. If you have panic attacks or suffer from a mood disorder, it’s important that you can identify which foods may trigger or exacerbate symptoms. As a general rule, the following 5 foods should be… Continue Reading This Article

Fact Versus Feelings

Are you struggling to make a decision or determine what direction to take in your life? For many people this can be difficult due to the intense emotions surrounding the issues. While emotions are important to consider, they can muddy the waters when trying to move forward. Separating FACTS from the FEELINGS around an issue or concern can help provide clarity and give movement on an issue. Take a piece of paper and on the left-hand side write down all the facts around the issue. On the right-hand side write down the feelings. This simple activity may be enough to… Continue Reading This Article