Health Coaching

What is a Health Coach? A health coach is someone who guides, teaches, and inspires others to live a healthier life. After 15 years of working with individuals one-on-one in psychotherapy, I have seen folks struggle to make lifestyle changes including trying to lose weight, find time for exercise or self-care, determine healthy eating habits, lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar or manage chronic pain. Others just know they do not feel their best, the may lack energy or be interested in preventing chronic illness because they see family members who are struggling. Often people are bombarded with mixed messages… Continue Reading This Article

What Can Individual Therapy Do For Me?

People often think that they must make many changes all at once in order to reach their goals. This can be overwhelming and cause one to feel paralyzed before they have even begun. Working with a licensed therapist can help adults determine where to begin. And often it starts with making one simple change. Just one change! It can be something small, something the individual may not have considered before. The therapist’s job is to help the individual uncover the changes they have already considered making. In 14 years of providing therapy, I have seen how just making one simple… Continue Reading This Article