Fact Versus Feelings

Fact versus Feeling

Are you struggling to make a decision or determine what direction to take in your life? For many people this can be difficult due to the intense emotions surrounding the issues. While emotions are important to consider, they can muddy the waters when trying to move forward.

Separating FACTS from the FEELINGS around an issue or concern can help provide clarity and give movement on an issue. Take a piece of paper and on the left-hand side write down all the facts around the issue. On the right-hand side write down the feelings. This simple activity may be enough to provide clarity and help move you towards a decision.

If this exercise is difficult or if you often find yourself feeling “stuck” or unable to make decisions or find direction in your life, work with a therapist who can help you be more objective. Therapy can provide many tools similar to this one or a non-judgmental ear to listen and provide feedback.