Health Coaching


certified-coach-logoThe goal of Health Coaching is to empower adults and families to take charge of their health! It is for anyone searching for how to heal or prevent illness, improve energy, decrease depression or anxiety, improve health markers like blood sugar and blood pressure, or lose weight. Pathway to Health coaching teaches the principals of L.E.A.N., Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition, or how we live, how we move, how we think and what we eat.

Pathway to Health programs include the following class topics using the curriculum Prime-Time Health, created by Dr. William Sears. Dr. Sears is a world renowned physician, nutrition expert and author of over 39 books.

Topics include:

Opening Your Internal Pharmacy

Make Health Your Hobby

Move Waste from Your Waist

Living Without Pain and Inflammation

Other Pathway to Health offerings include:

Pantry Makeover-for clients who have completed coaching sessions or Pathway to Health classes

Individual or group coaching including online support

Workshops & lectures on healthy living

Referrals and connections to other health professionals


How is Health Coaching different than psychotherapy?

Health Coaching differs from individual psychotherapy. It is more structured, educational and provides some support outside of scheduled sessions. However, both psychotherapy and health coaching are confidential. Please contact for an initial assessment to determine your needs. Many clients ask which they should begin with: therapy or health coaching? That can be determined at your initial assessment session or over the phone.