Psychological Testing & Assessment

pagePicTestingPsychological Testing is provided to help clients and families find out more about their functioning including obtaining an accurate diagnosis so they can receive tailored treatment, learn more about their intellectual functioning, academic achievement and to provide information about strengths and weaknesses. We do not provide evaluations needed for court related matters.

Testing services include testing to obtain an accurate diagnosis, psycho-educational testing for learning disabilities, Early Admission to Kindergarten, for gifted programs, and testing for ADHD or to simply look at strengths and weaknesses. Please contact for specific information. Psycho-educational tests currently used include the WISC-V/ WAIS-IV, WPPSI-IV and Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement IV. If you are seeking testing for school placement, set fees are provided below. If you are seeking a more complex evaluation, please contact for rates and a quote.

Testing services are provided in a quiet, inviting, and private office. Expected fees for testing are provided at the intake session and arrangements to pay in installments during the process are available. Results are not provided until fees are paid in full.

Special testing service descriptions below…


Early Admission to Kindergarten Testing: Parents often contact to inquire about requirements to have their child begin Kindergarten early (children must be 5-years-old by the stated cut-off date for any public school in North Carolina). Sometimes when there are extraordinary circumstances and a child is identified as intellectually gifted, schools may consider letting a child who has not yet turned 5 by the cut-off begin Kindergarten. The initial requirements are that the child be assessed (Intellectual Testing and Achievement Testing) and must obtain scores in the 98th percentile on BOTH assessments to be considered. Regardless of scores, the school administration makes the decision about early admission. We are available to provide these assessments to pre-school age children and have lots of experience working with this age group. Ideally, testing should occur in the spring or summer prior to the school year the parent is attempting to begin. Early Admission to Kindergarten assessment includes administration of the WPPSI-IV and WJ-IV, a review session including a full report with all scores. The full fee for this is $550. Testing for school admission purposes is not covered by insurance. If parents would like to start with IQ testing to see if the child meets that criteria, the cost is $350.00. These are all inclusive fees not including follow up. If you would like a face-to-face follow up session, the fee is $75.

The following is the link to the CMS guideline for early K. You as the parent are responsible for understanding the critiera and process. These guidelines are state wide; however, if you are in a different school district or working with a private or charter school, you should consult with them on their critiera and process. K testing

We will begin scheduling these in April 2020. Please email for openings.

Testing for giftedness (Metrolina Regional Scholar’s Academy):

We have extensive knowledge about intellectual giftedness and the program at MRSA. MRSA is a charter school for highly gifted children. In order to apply for admission to MRSA, an IQ test is required. Scores that are 2 or 3 standard deviations above the mean are considered for admission (*admission decisions are made by the school). Please visit the website for detailed info:

It is the parent’s responsibility to understand all application requirements for MRSA and understand the purpose of their program.

We currently administer the WPPSI-IV for pre-school age children (Children ages 4-5) and the WISC-V for ages 6 and up. Test administration time ranges from 1-2 hours. The cost for an IQ test for school admission is $350.00. Testing for school purposes is not covered by insurance. This cost is all-inclusive (includes test administration, scoring, report writing- face-to-face follow up offered but no required, with an additional fee of $75) Cards, check or cash accepted.  Once scores are shared with the parent, parents can decide if they would like to apply to the school and then must pick up a copy of the report that has been sealed in an envelope, with the attestation form from the school and the psychologist’s signature over the seal. (This is the school’s requirement). Please email for scheduling. When volume is high, we cannot return all voicemails about IQ testing. Most questions are answered here but if you have special circumstances, please email and we will call you.

We will begin scheduling for MRSA testing in Sept 2020 and will have special slots for you to view on this site. Here is our process:

  • Email to schedule the appointment. Please request from the times listed. Please read testing FAQ’s and if you have additional questions, you may email them.
  • Psychologist will email you back to confirm if that slot is still open and to schedule.
  • You will be sent a square invoice via email for a $50 deposit. You must pay the deposit to secure the appointment. The deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to test or no-show the appointment. (Should an emergency arise or your child gets sick, please contact to re-schedule and not lose your deposit).
  • Balance due on date of testing is $300. We do offer sibling/ family discounts of 10%. Follow up will be arranged at the testing appointment when we are finished. We accept all forms of payment.
  • Testing slots are in 1.5/2 hour blocks to allow time for breaks etc. 

    FAQ’s about Psychological testing:

    How long will testing take?

    -that depends on the needs of the client. An IQ test alone takes 1-2 hours. For diagnostic testing, 2-4 sessions is required and each session will range from 1-2 hours.

    Will my insurance cover testing?

    We do not accept insurance reimbursement for psychological testing. In addition,  Educational testing (that is not part of a full diagnostic evaluation) and testing for Kindergarten admission or Gifted Admission is NOT covered by insurance, not matter what provider you use. Insurance does not pay for elective educational testing where there is no clinical diagnosis. 

    How should I prepare my child for testing?

    -There is no prep needed for testing. It is best to tell your child that they are meeting with someone who is similar to a teacher to do some tasks and determine their strengths and weaknesses or “how they learn best.” With young children/ pre-school age, you may wish to tell them that we will be doing some fun activities in which they will be answering some questions, working with blocks and puzzles and looking at pictures.

    Please do not tell your child that the psychologist will be deciding if they are going to Kindergarten or getting into a particular school! That is ultimately not the decision of the psychologist.

    What days and times are available for testing?

    -that varies according to client’s needs. Most younger children perform best in the mornings. Emailing is the best way to quickly secure an appointment slot.

    What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

    -The time for your child’s testing session is reserved specifically for them! If you need to cancel or re-schedule, you should do so by calling the psychologist as soon as you become aware of the need. Testing sessions are blocked often in 2 hour blocks and those times cannot be filled when enough notice is not given. Re-scheduling will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Repeated cancellations will result in not being scheduled for testing sessions. No-show clients (those that do not show or call) will not be contacted to re-schedule.

    How soon will I receive results?

    Generally if testing consists of an IQ test alone, results are provided within 1 week or sooner. For full diagnostic evaluations or psycho-educational evaluations, results are typically provided within 2-3 weeks. If you have a tight deadline, please let the psychologist know when scheduling to ensure testing and results can be completed in that timeframe.

    What types of payment can you receive?

    -payment can be made by cash, check or debit/ credit card via a square reader.

    Why is testing so expensive? 

    Psychological testing is a specialized service that requires specific training and expertise. In particular working with young children providing testing requires experience, additional time and care. Testing protocols are also expensive. For every hour spent testing face-to-face there are additional hours for the psychologist to score, interpret and write reports/ follow up.